5 Proven Strategies for Etsy Christmas Sales Boost

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2023

Mastering the Christmas Sales Surge on Etsy: Start Today!

Christmas may be months away, but the secret to a successful holiday season on Etsy starts now. Elevate your sales during the most wonderful time of the year with these strategies:

1. Get a Head Start on Listings: Christmas and holiday-themed items gain traction months before December. Begin listing your festive products 3-4 months in advance to capture early shoppers and those planning ahead.

2. Analyze Last Year's Heroes: Reflect on your top-performing listings from the previous year. Which items garnered the most sales or traffic? Introduce 5 new products inspired by those best-sellers. If you're a newer shop owner, consider your top-performing listings year-to-date.

3. Embrace the Sales Calendar: While some may argue that promotions aren't crucial, ask yourself: Which major retailer doesn't employ this strategy? Sales events spark emotion, breed loyalty, and excite customers. The key is designing your business to...

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Etsy's Latest: Scam Alerts, Share & Save Insights + More!

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2023

Here's an overview of what's covered in this new edition of Etsy Seller News!

1. Beware of Scammers! There's been a notable increase in sellers receiving messages and calls from fake "Etsy support." Some sellers are also being approached by faux “buyers”. On the buyer side, there have been instances of individuals calling random “support” numbers found online, unknowingly inviting scams. A reminder: always initiate support requests solely through Etsy's official Help Center and their contact support form.

2. UK Sellers & Royal Mail Collaboration: Good news for UK sellers! You can now let Royal Mail print your Etsy shipping labels. However, there's a catch: each label comes with a QR code that needs scanning by Royal Mail – which can be time-consuming.

3. Etsy's Share & Save Program: If you missed our previous episode on this, here's a refresher: Sellers can save 4% by leveraging this program. The links are 'cookied' for 30 days, allowing you to...

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Etsy's Share & Save: Game-Changer or Overhyped?

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2023

Is Etsy's "Share & Save" Worth the Buzz?

The Etsy community is buzzing about Etsy’s latest offering, the "Share & Save" program. Promising benefits and potential savings, is this feature a genuine game-changer for sellers or just another marketing gimmick?

How "Share & Save" Works: Etsy is incentivizing its sellers to drive traffic to their shops. By participating in the program, you can earn back 4% on eligible sales, and the credits can be applied to purchases made within a 30-day window.

Where To Generate Links For Maximum Impact:

  1. Shop Links: Direct buyers to your entire collection by sharing the unique link found on your Shop Dashboard, Stats, or the specific Share & Save page.
  2. Listing Links: Showcase specific items, especially trending products or items on sale. Access these via Listings in Shop Manager, then simply click and share.
  3. Promo Codes: Share special offers and promotions with unique trackable links, saving on fees for eligible orders.
  4. Reviews:...
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Etsy Slump? Revive Your Shop Now!

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2023

Are you stuck with your Etsy shop!? It happens to most sellers at one point or another.

The first question is where are you stuck?

Usually, this comes down to two things.  Are you stuck with ideas to expand your shop or are you stuck with performance and growing your shop? 

I will dive into both areas and give you 5 ways to improve your shop performance and 5 ways you can grow your shop.  All are fantastic ways to GET UNSTUCK today!

Don't forget to try out Alura.  The #1 tool for Etsy sellers!  Free Trial Here

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Etsy Newbies: Crucial First Steps

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2023

Are you thinking about opening an Etsy shop?  Well, stop what you’re doing and watch this video.  It will be a lifesaver for you!  I'll review the 5 MOST IMPORTANT tips every seller should follow before opening.  Success on Etsy is tough just like any business venture.  But there are things you can do to ensure you have the best chance of success.  That's why this episode is a must-watch for you!

For more help and best practices for getting your Etsy shop opened, download my free Etsy Quickstart Guide: 



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Beware of These 9 Etsy Seller Scams!

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2023

We tend to think getting scammed is usually on the buyer's end.  But it's very common for sellers to get scammed as well.  Today I will dive into the top 9 Etsy seller scams out there so you can stay clear of these scumbag fraudsters.  

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Do You Like This New Etsy Feature?

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2023

The new make an offer feature is live on Etsy for everyone... But it doesn't come without flaws.  I cover this hot topic along with some other important Etsy news going on this week.  Here's a summary of what's included in this new episode:

Etsy launches more registries.  Gift and baby gift.

You can access them via:  https://www.etsy.com/registry

This is a great way to attract buyers and curate a catalog for your loved ones.

Etsy and eBay are testing moving product descriptions further down the page. 

This is causing concerns buyers won’t understand fully what they’re buying or miss crucial information.  The companies explained they want to move up item specs further up the page.

One eBay seller complained that they saw sponsored listings in the middle of their listing above the description.  I haven’t heard of this happening on etsy, but there are related listings on the bottom. 

Most buyers do not read the descriptions,...

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Top 5 Etsy Sales Tactics To Dominate Q4

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2023

Do you know why there’s a Black Friday and what it means?

It gives most retailers a chance to finally get out of the red and into the black to become profitable.

Most online businesses are the same way.  You’ve had slow sales the last few months...  So have a large percentage of other businesses…

But Q4 is your chance to finish the year with a bang and get into the black.

Do you want to improve your chances of finishing strong with your Etsy shop in Q4, the last quarter of the year?! 

Of course, you do!  This episode will give you 5 things you can do in your Etsy shop to finish the year with a BANG!  

I have something for you that will pair nicely with this episode and give additional strategies to help you drive more sales in Q4 - Etsy SEO Revealed - SEO & Keywords best practices plus Tons of tips & strategies you can implement today!  https://www.handmadeandbeyond.com/etsyseosuccess


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Are These for Real? Top 5 Weirdest Etsy Products Ever Found!

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2023

Today I count down the top 5 weirdest items I've found on Etsy during my Freaky Friday episodes!  These are the fan favorites.  You're not going to believe #1.  This is gonna get weird!


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Etsy & AI: Unlock Time-Saving Magic but Beware

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2023

Running an Etsy business is no small feat, and finding ways to save time without sacrificing quality is often the key to success. That's where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into play. AI has the potential to streamline many aspects of your Etsy business, but like all powerful tools, it comes with its fair share of caveats. I'll talk about the exciting ways AI can make your Etsy business more efficient, and I'll also delve into the things you should not use AI for.

Watch My Exclusive Workshop "How To Generate Your First $1,000/month on Etsy In Just 30 Minutes a Day" (with no social media) https://www.handmadeandbeyond.com/etsysalesworkshop

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