New European Union Customs Changes & How It Impacts Etsy Sellers

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2021
Hey everyone!
In case you haven't seen there are big changes coming for those sellers that ship to the European Union.  Starting July 1st you will have to include a tariff number on your customs forms. Here is an article from Etsy explaining the details:
The short of it basically means, depending on what you sell and the materials, you will have to select the correct tariff number to include on your customs info.  So you will have to look up each number to ensure you're putting the correct one or it could delay the shipment.  Here is a website where you can look up tariff numbers depending on what you sell.  Make sure you drill down from the category to the chapter to get to the tariff numbers.
This only applies to those that ship to the EU. Hope this helps!

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