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ACCESS TO THE COMMUNITY HELP FORUM: Get any questions answered at any time.  This is a great support system so you don't feel alone.  If you have questions about your handmade business, Etsy, or the courses.  I want you to be able to get those questions answered.  This is a HUGE benefit.

ACCESS TO LIVE MEMBER MONTHLY COACHING CALLS:  Tune in live to get your questions answered, hear other questions, and learn from one another.  We hold at least 1 call a month, but usually, there are more than that.  

ACCESS TO THE ETSY SUCCESS ROADMAP: A plan for Etsy shop owners to get to the top 1% of ALL sellers. Detailed, walkthrough courses, resources, and guides aligned in an easy-to-follow roadmap. Perfect for those looking to start, who just started, or intermediate sellers struggling to get traction in their shop. This is a real plan to build a solid business that will set you up for long-term success. No tricks or gimmicks, just practical strategies that you can immediately implement today to boost your Etsy business. Almost 50 courses in the roadmap (and counting).  These are the exact same strategies I have used to grow my Etsy shop to the top 1% with over $350,00 in sales.  I want to help you do the same. 

ACCESS TO ETSY MARKETING PROMOTIONAL CALENDARS:  Get a calendar each month with important holidays, events, and specific marketing strategies you can implement to help your shop's sales.  

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Work with me directly to get ANY question answered!  Let me help you grow and improve your Etsy shop.  

Get Access To Live Member Coaching Calls

Monthly coaching calls to get your questions answered, learn and keep you motivated!  Hear and interact with other sellers working towards the same goals.

Get Access To Almost 50 Courses In the Etsy Success Roadmap

Walkthrough courses that include all of the strategies and tips I've used to grow my Etsy shop to the top 1% of all Etsy sellers.  Learn how to build a solid business that will set you up for years of success.  

Get Access To Etsy Promotional Marketing Calendars

A calendar for each month showing you marketing strategies to implement that month, as well as important events and holidays to target. 

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"I can honestly say I debated on spending the money for the coaching program offered by Handmade and Beyond.  I can also say it was the best investment I made for learning Etsy and promoting my shop.  LL is knowledgeable and always helpful.  His program is well thought out and easy to follow.  If I had trouble LL was willing and able to help.  Never made me feel inadequate or lacking (since I am computer challenged.)  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and gave me the confidence that I can do it to! I can't recommend this program highly enough.

Kudos to LL; he rocks.."



"I like how the info provided was curtailed to my specific shop/niche. LL is super easy to talk to and made me feel like there are no stupid questions. What I like the most is how I now have clarified strategies to (consistently!) implement to help me grow. Thank you!

- Heather 


"LL helped me in so many ways. The SEO I finally understand and what it does.  He’s always available anytime, to answer questions. Like he’s just waiting at his computer."



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