Pinterest Expert Meagan Williamson Talks About How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Etsy Business & Gives Some Amazing Success Tips!

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

This is one of my favorite podcast episodes with a super cool Pinterest expert, Meagan Williamson.  She is the owner of and  She helps small and large businesses expand their reach, sales, and potential through Pinterest marketing. 

We dive into her story, background, and how she's become a successful business owner and Pinterest expert.

Meagan talks about how you can use Pinterest to grow your Etsy business and common mistakes to avoid when starting your Pinterest journey. 

She gives us a ton of amazing tips and best practices that you can immediately use in your Pinterest account to increase performance, sales, and traffic. 

This episode is LOADED with gold nuggets that will be super helpful for anyone using or looking to use Pinterest in the future.

You should definitely not miss our chat and be ready to take a bunch of notes! 

Check out her websites mentioned above.  Also, you can join her free Pinterest Facebook group here:


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