This program now includes an amazing BONUS!  Your very own Etsy AI Consultant!  


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Are you an Etsy Seller who is struggling to sales and momentum in your shop!?

Do you want a complete roadmap to get you slow or no sales to daily consistent sales!? 

If so the Etsy Success Roadmap Mentorship Program is for you!

🌟Now for a short time, I'm offering an amazing free trial, and your very own personalized Etsy AI Consultant!🌟


Here's what you'll get help with:👇


🟢Getting Started/Set-Up ✔️Everything But The Kitchen Sink Etsy Start-Up Bundle For new Etsy sellers who want to quickly learn everything about selling on Etsy & how to be successful ($400 Value based on the huge time savings and resources included such as the Niche Ignition Strategy to help you launch a successful shop in a thriving niche)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Traffic - ✔️Ultimate Traffic Guide How to get found & increase Etsy traffic  ($300 Value because this teaches you how to capitalize and direct some of the millions of buyers coming to Etsy every day to your shop) 

💰Sales/Selling ✔️Etsy Sales System How to sell more, increase revenue and conversions in your Etsy business so you can focus on what you enjoy, creating more! ($400 Value based on all the extra revenue this will bring into your business!) 

🔑Keywords ✔️Etsy Keyword Formula How to find the best keywords for your Etsy listings along with keyword set-up strategies ($300 Value Because this will save you tons of time and get sales faster!) 

💻Marketing ✔️Foolproof Etsy Marketing Plan Learn how to market your Etsy business more effectively to reach more buyers ($400 Value Because there will be no more guessing or wasting time on how to market)

📋Listings ✔️Etsy Listing System Learn all the techniques to create amazing listings that entice customers to buy and attract more traffic.  The complete, winning, solution to creating high value listings.  ($300 Value based on the included listing success template, photography guide and description template)

🚀SEO ✔️The Ultimate Etsy SEO Strategy Blueprint Learn how to become an Etsy SEO master and snag as many of the millions of buyers coming to Etsy as possible with these SEO strategies ($500 Value based on the huge impact this alone can have sales and revenue) 

📢ADS ✔️Etsy Ads Performance Accelerator Learn how to get your ads to actually work for you with this full-proof plan ($300 Value because it includes an Etsy Ads Performance Worksheet to tell you exactly what to work on & improve)

🎉More Customers ✔️Etsy Customer Wow Factor Guide Learn how to blow your customers away, get amazing reviews, and build loyal, repeat customers that help you sell more every year ($200 Value based on the strategies & the wow factor guide showing you exactly how to do this)

⏰No Time ✔️Etsy Time Mastery How to get the most out of the little time you have for your business - Do more with less! ($200 Value to buy back time with the 168-hour weekly audit & planner)

📈Growth ✔️Etsy Shop Expansion & Growth Blueprint Learn how to generate more sales and money from your Etsy business ($500 Value which includes the expansion framework that will help you quickly increase your revenue)

TOTAL VALUE:  $3,800!

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What can Sage do?

She has been trained on all things Etsy including the founder of Handmade & Beyond, LL's 10 years of Etsy selling knowledge!  She is also powered by ChatGPT one of the most powerful AI's in the world.  You can get help with:

  • Questions about keywords
  • Help with what to sell
  • Any Etsy question you have
  • Strategies about pricing
  • Keyword strategies
  • Listing best practices
  • Tips about pictures
  • New product research
  • Strategies to sell more
  • How to increase traffic

And so much more!  You can get help with anything 24/7!  She is your very own personalized Etsy consultant at your finger tips.  Amazing and an invaluable asset for your business at your finger tips!

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EXCLUSIVE BONUSES:  Included in this limited-time offer only 

Mentorship Support Help Forum

Ask Etsy questions, get feedback, support, or help whenever you need it.  Access to hundreds of existing questions, answering, and valuable information.

Live Group Coaching

Get live help with your Etsy business, demonstrations, strategies, feedback, q & a and more!

30-Day Free Trial

I am so confident you will love this program and get a ton of value once you see everything inside!  That's why I am giving you a free trial to test everything out!

Your Own Etsy AI Consultant

Sage is a trained AI bot that can help you with all of your Etsy questions 24/7!  She is nothing short of amazing!


These bonuses are valued this way because access to live coaching, mentorship help forum support, and your bonus savings will easily cost this amount if not more!  This is a ton of time spent to help Etsy sellers which I am happy to do to help you get the results you deserve if you want it. 

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I guarantee that if you follow this program, watch all the walkthrough modules, take action on what you learn, and ask for help when you need it, that you absolutely will get more sales.  In most cases, many, many more sales!  How do I know?  I've done it myself and helped hundreds of other sellers do it as well!

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Will this program work for you?  Yes!  Just look at some of the successes other sellers have had:

Everything inside this program is pulled from what's worked in my own business.  Here's my stats:

So what are you waiting for?  Let's fast-track your success today!  Tons of value and your very own personalized Etsy AI Consultant!  (Start for 30 days free!)

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