More Bad USPS News, Updates Feed, $2.85 Million In Sales & More!

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2022

Welcome to an all-new episode of Etsy Seller News!

Here's what's covered in this episode: 

USPS holiday price increases Oct 5th through the week after Christmas and then back up in the middle of January.  The cost depends on weight and distance.

Also, they're getting rid of 15K jobs but they'll still be able to handle shipping with no delays…


Etsy updates feed:

Etsy released a statement last week explaining the importance and how the updates feed works for buyers so sellers can take advantage. 

The “Etsy Updates feed” notifies shoppers of updates to sellers with whom they’ve interacted (through either favoriting one of their items or by following their shop).

Etsy wrote: “While the Updates feed isn’t a new feature, we’ve spent the last year making improvements to make it easier for buyers to get notified about your shop and encourage them to revisit your items and make a purchase. In fact, we’ve seen that the Updates feature can help bring buyers back to shop from you again!”

In order to appear in the feed, sellers can do one of several things:

* Run a sale

* Send a coupon

* Add new items

* Restock items

Visitors to Etsy can view their Updates feed by clicking on the bell icon in the navigation bar – if there are new notifications, it will display a number next to the icon to draw attention to it


Bad buyers?  eBay is implementing a predictive approach to help find and eliminate bad buyers.

eBay will also use third-party vendors to identify shoppers who are engaging in bad buying behavior on platforms outside of eBay.

Bednowitz described three types of “bad buyer” behavior:

1) The buyer files a false SNAD claim (the buyer files a not-as-described claim when in fact it’s a remorse return).

2) The buyer returns a used or damaged item.

3) The buyer returns an empty box or a different item.

 Will Etsy do something similar down the road?  I hope so...


Killin’ It:

This shop has 145k sales, which equates to  2.85 million in sales!



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