Etsy Will No Longer Share Customer Emails - What It Means?

Jan 05, 2024

Etsy's Commitment to Privacy: Changes to Email Sharing

Etsy is reinforcing its commitment to privacy and security with a significant update: starting February 5, the platform will cease sharing buyers' email addresses with certain third-party integrations like Alura, AWeber, Craftkit, and Erank. This proactive move aims to enhance the safety and privacy of Etsy's vibrant community, addressing concerns around buyers receiving unsolicited emails from unfamiliar sources.

For sellers who rely on these third-party tools, this change underscores the importance of keeping communication within Etsy Messages. This not only ensures a streamlined and secure experience for both buyers and sellers but also allows Etsy's support teams to provide more effective assistance when needed. As Etsy continues to evolve with a community-first approach, understanding and adapting to these updates is crucial for maintaining trust and success in the marketplace.