Do You Like This New Etsy Feature?

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2023

The new make an offer feature is live on Etsy for everyone... But it doesn't come without flaws.  I cover this hot topic along with some other important Etsy news going on this week.  Here's a summary of what's included in this new episode:

Etsy launches more registries.  Gift and baby gift.

You can access them via:

This is a great way to attract buyers and curate a catalog for your loved ones.

Etsy and eBay are testing moving product descriptions further down the page. 

This is causing concerns buyers won’t understand fully what they’re buying or miss crucial information.  The companies explained they want to move up item specs further up the page.

One eBay seller complained that they saw sponsored listings in the middle of their listing above the description.  I haven’t heard of this happening on etsy, but there are related listings on the bottom. 

Most buyers do not read the descriptions, especially on eBay.  Pictures/video tell the story which is even more of a reason to make sure they are clear.  Keep in mind that with etsy, descriptions do play a part when it comes to SEO

 The New make an offer feature is live!

You can access it via the marketing tab, then click sales and discounts. It's only available for buyers on the Etsy app.  Also, whatever the offer is in addition to the sales price.


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