Etsy Takes a Stand Against Counterfeits: $50 Million Investment Revealed

Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Seller News!  Here are the deets of what this episode is all about:

Etsy is investing over $50 million in 2023 to ensure that the platform remains safe and special for its community as it grows. Key areas of focus include clearer policies, removing counterfeit items and listings, easier appeals, transparent communication with sellers, and reducing fraud. These efforts help maintain a marketplace where creativity, authenticity, and diversity thrive. In 2022, investments in automated technology helped remove more than four times as many listings violating the Handmade Policy compared to the previous year. The Etsy Reporting Portal was launched to make reporting intellectual property violations easier, and cases were resolved more quickly. Etsy also invested in its support teams to offer live chat support 24/7 for most topics. As Etsy continues to progress, updates will be shared with the community.

Also, Etsy has announced how to get featured in Etsy seller spotlights.  You need to fill out a survey which you can find here.  This gives you the opportunity to get selected by Etsy to be featured in the following areas:

  • Etsy Blog
  • Etsy Community Space
  • Etsy Seller Handbook
  • Etsy Social Media Channels
  • Etsy Success Podcast

This is a fantastic opportunity to get some free advertisement and marketing for your shop!