If I Was Starting A New Etsy Business What Would I Do?

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021

It's safe to say I've been in the Etsy "game" for quite a while now.  8 years to be exact... In that time I've learned a bunch.  Mostly from many mistakes.. lol.  

When looking back at all I have done and learned over the years it got me thinking about what I would do now if I started a brand new Etsy business?  What are the main things I would focus on to ensure I had the best chance of success?

Well instead of keeping all this to myself I'm going to share these things in today's episode so hopefully you can learn and benefit!  That's always the goal of these podcasts.  

As I mentioned in today's episode, here is the link to try Alura.  The BEST tool to research Etsy niche demand and so many other great features to help you improve your Etsy biz:  Try Alura Here

Just started or getting ready to start your Etsy business?  Start off on the right foot with my free Etsy Quickstart Guide!  Get It Here



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