How To Avoid Getting Your Etsy Shop Suspended

Oct 12, 2021

This is something that new and current Etsy sellers get scared about.  

First, understand that ANY e-commerce platform can get shut down if you don’t follow the rules.  People act like Etsy is so harsh and usually say I’ll just open my own website.  Your own website has a host, usually has a third-party builder it runs off like Shopify, Square Space, etc. You don’t control those and they can shut you down as well.  

All Etsy shops get shut down because they did not follow Etsy’s selling policies.  Understand that it’s HARD to get shut down and you don’t have to worry if you’re doing things on the up and up.  I know you still may worry because you hear horror stories online, but again those people weren’t following the policies lol.

Let’s dive into the most common reasons shops get shut down so you can make sure you’re doing the right things with your Etsy business.

  1. Copyright/trademark infringement
  2. Selling stuff that’s not vintage, or stuff you didn’t make and/or design
  3. Selling stuff that’s not allowed on Etsy 
  4. Too many customer service cases by customers
  5. Too many bad reviews

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