Etsy Success & Mindset Tips With Jess Van Den Of Create & Thrive

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2021

I'm super excited to bring this new podcast to you!  I recently had a really good conversation with Jess Van Den who is a fellow Etsy seller and handmade coach.  

She's been selling jewelry on Etsy since 2008!  She's an OG of the Etsy world and is extremely knowledgeable about running an online handmade business.  She has also been a handmade coach for the last 8 years, sharing her extensive knowledge to help other handmade sellers with their businesses.  

We talk about her journey from school teacher to full-time handmade seller.  This story alone is unique and inspiring... We talk about some of her struggles along the way and how she built her business.  

We also dive into mindset, success tips, photography tips, and many struggles that she encounters with her students.  There are tons of gold nuggets in this interview! 

You don't want to miss this awesome episode!  I really enjoyed talking to Jess and know you'll get a lot out of this podcast.

You can find more about Jess below:

Her coaching website:

Her Youtube:

Her podcast:


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