From Idea to Sale: A Proven Etsy Listing Formula

May 14, 2024

Welcome to "My Etsy Listing Formula," where I share my step-by-step approach to creating successful Etsy listings.

First, I start with my idea of what I want to create. I jot down three variations of the idea in the form of keywords, which can be either specific or broad. For example, I might consider "woods lake painting," "mountain lake painting," or "field lake painting." A pro tip: if a keyword isn't performing well, I might need to alter the format or specific words to see better results. For instance, "field lake painting" might not do as well as "prairie lake painting," even though they're similar types of paintings.

Next, I do product demand research using Alura. I check how much search volume each keyword gets and, more importantly, how many overall sales there are. For instance, "woods lake painting" might have a search volume of 5,000 and sales of 15,000, while "mountain lake painting" has a search volume of 4,000 and sales of 10,000. I don't focus on finding keywords with low competition but high traffic and sales. Instead, I look for enough traffic to get my piece of the pie. It's like setting up a yard sale on a busy street versus a backroad – the busy street will always bring more success.

Based on this research, I pick the winner, which in this case is "woods lake painting."

Then, I create the product. Once the product is ready, I do additional keyword research to find high-value keywords to further enhance my listing. I look for similar keywords with a lot of traffic and sales. For example, "nature painting" might have 90,000 searches and 358,000 sales, or "rustic lake decor" might have 15,000 sales. I use a mix of highly specific and broad high-value keywords to target my audience and fill out the keywords in my listing.

I take all my researched keywords and add them to my title and tags. I do the title first, then copy them to my tags. Not all will fit, so I edit them to fit, breaking them up as needed. A pro tip: if I use commas between keywords, I can copy and paste them, and whatever fits will be input into the tags.

Next, I fill out the rest of my listing with the important information: pictures (including alt text), attributes, a keyword-rich description (AI can help here), and pricing (using Alura to research average prices).

Finally, I list the item and let it sit for 3-6 months before considering any changes. Then, I rinse and repeat for future listings.

Don't forget to get your free trial of Alura here: Alura Free Trial. Join me as I navigate the world of Etsy listings and share my insights with you!