Would You Give Etsy Full Control To Test Your Listing Titles?

Apr 26, 2024

Etsy is known for its continual evolution, always tweaking and testing to enhance the marketplace experience. Recently, they've begun experimenting with altering seller titles—a move that has sparked a mixed reaction within the community. In this podcast episode, we delve into the pros and cons of Etsy's latest strategy and discuss potential solutions for sellers.

Pros of Etsy Testing Titles:

  • Improvement of Poor Listings: By adjusting less effective titles, Etsy aims to help these listings perform better, potentially increasing visibility and sales.
  • Leveling the Playing Field: This change could standardize opportunities for success among sellers, making competition more about product quality rather than just optimization skills.

Cons of Etsy's Approach:

  • Risk to Successful Listings: There's a concern that these changes could disrupt listings that are already performing well, possibly affecting established sales trajectories.
  • Reduced Incentive for Learning: With Etsy handling title optimizations, sellers might become less inclined to learn SEO best practices, potentially stunting their growth and adaptability.
  • Concerns Over Control: This move suggests a significant increase in control over individual shops, which could lead to frustrations among more experienced sellers.

A Constructive Suggestion: To address these issues, why not adopt a strategy similar to Facebook's ad system? Sellers could be given the option to test up to five different titles themselves, tracking which performs best over a designated period. This hands-on approach would allow sellers to stay engaged with SEO practices and better understand what works for their products.

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In conclusion, while Etsy's title testing initiative aims to help sellers enhance their listings, it's crucial to find a balance that empowers sellers and maintains marketplace integrity. By potentially allowing sellers to conduct their own title tests, Etsy could foster a more knowledgeable and competitive community, aligned with both seller interests and platform goals.

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