Etsy Fires 225 Workers Right Before Christmas! What this means for you

Dec 22, 2023


Etsy's Year in Review & Workforce Changes: What Sellers Need to Know

As we reflect on Etsy's journey through 2023, two major stories stand out: the release of Etsy's comprehensive year in review for sellers and the recent news of Etsy reducing its workforce by 11%. Let's unpack what these developments mean for Etsy sellers moving forward.

Etsy’s Annual Performance Review: A Seller’s Perspective

Etsy has rolled out its year in review, offering sellers a personalized look at their performance alongside a broader review of the platform's new features and initiatives in 2023. This annual recap is more than just a reflection; it's a tool to help sellers understand their growth and areas for improvement, considering the platform's evolving landscape.

Workforce Reduction: A Tough Call

The announcement of Etsy laying off 225 workers, around 11% of its workforce, right before Christmas, has sparked a mix of reactions. While it’s a tough pill to swallow, especially during the festive season, it's important to understand the context and implications for sellers.

Etsy's Growth and Staffing Dynamics

It's noteworthy that Etsy's workforce doubled since 2019, fueled significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, general merchandise sales have plateaued since 2021, leading to this workforce adjustment. Similar actions were observed at other e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon earlier this year, signaling a broader industry trend.

Etsy's Financial Health and Seller Impact

Despite the workforce reduction, Etsy remains a robust, profitable entity, consistently surpassing many of its quarterly financial expectations. These changes appear to be strategic moves to conserve costs amidst inflated staffing levels following the pandemic-induced growth spurt.

Should Sellers Be Concerned?

For Etsy sellers, the immediate concern may revolve around whether such changes signal instability or reduced support. However, considering Etsy's profitability and strategic planning, the impact on sellers might be minimal. Large organizations typically have systems to manage such transitions smoothly, although only time will reveal the full impact.

Continued Investment in Seller Initiatives

Encouragingly, Etsy is not stepping back from investing in seller success. With a $50 million investment in seller initiatives in 2022 and a growing buyer base – reaching about 95 million in 2022 – Etsy is showing a commitment to fostering a dynamic, seller-friendly environment.

Looking Ahead: Adaptability and Resilience

As Etsy continues to evolve, sellers need to remain adaptable and resilient. Understanding market trends, leveraging Etsy's seller tools, and staying informed about platform changes are more crucial than ever.


The recent workforce reduction at Etsy, though significant, is part of a broader business strategy common in the e-commerce industry. For Etsy sellers, the focus should remain on leveraging the platform’s resources, adapting to market trends, and continuing to grow their businesses in this dynamic marketplace.

Remember, Etsy's investments and growing buyer base are positive indicators for sellers worldwide. Here's to a resilient and prosperous journey ahead for all Etsy entrepreneurs!