3 Ways To Get Customers To Leave MORE Reviews

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2022

Reviews are super important to an Etsy shop's success.  They help build trust with future customers but also help with SEO.  The Etsy algorithm sends more traffic to shops that have a 5 star review average.  Why?  Well, 5 star review shops have highly satisfied customers which are good for that shop and good for Etsy.  The more buyers are pleased, the higher chance they'll return and buy from Etsy again.

But it's tough getting reviews, especially early on which can be frustrating knowing how important they are.  Today, I want to go over 3 ways you can get customers to leave more reviews which in return, will help your shop grow.

Also, I want to give you my free 5 star review formula.  It's a downloadable guide that will help you get more amazing reviews!  Get it here:   https://www.handmadeandbeyond.com/reviewformula


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