How To Save Thousands in Your Etsy Business Each Year & Maximize Profits

Mar 14, 2023

Money is tight, and running an Etsy business does require coinage as they said back in the 80s.  With that being said there are things you can do to run your business lean so you can squeeze out as much profit as possible.

Here are the top tips I cover in this week's podcast:

  • Keep inventory low.  Handmade sellers should have little or no inventory until they know what sells.
    • Vintage sellers need more inventory but make sure you're buying what is selling.  Use eBay for comps.
  • Do not buy postage at the post office or UPS.  Use etsy or third-party shippers such as pirate ship.
  • Buy packaging in bulk online, not locally.  Amazon or are good places to start. 
  • Use a thermal printer.  It's a bigger cost up front but there will be tons of savings long term.
  • Do everything yourself, and outsource later.  If you outsource from the onset you’ll always have to rely on someone else.
  • Don’t run ads… right away.
  • Use your smartphone and not a fancy camera.

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