Etsy SEO Update! Listing Descriptions Now Included In Search Ranking

Uncategorized May 18, 2022

Etsy search has changed to include listing descriptions.  This is an important SEO change.  

Here's what's covered in this podcast:

Do’s and Don’ts:

-DO try to incorporate relevant keywords in the first few sentences of your listings.

-DON'T copy your title verbatim into your description.

-DON'T just list keywords you want to rank for.

-DO write sentences talking about your product that naturally incorporate relevant, important keywords.

-Do write for humans not robots.

-Do continue to include additional, relevant information about your products for your buyers such as specs, washing instructions, ordering instructions, etc.  Just add that after your first few sentences describing your product.

You can use bulk editing tools such as Vela to speed things up.  I’ll include the link in the show notes.  You can bulk edit in Etsy but it doesn’t allow you to do put your listings in a list form and edit each one quickly like Vela does.  It’s more for mass edits of the same information which is the opposite of what you want to do. 

Get Vela Here:


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