How To Achieve Your Etsy Goals!

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2021

I have a bonus podcast episode for you today and it's all about Etsy goals!  I know many of you may have had bad experiences with not achieving goals, not knowing which goals to choose, or maybe just not knowing where to start.  

Goals are an essential part of any business.  Unfortunately, it's often an area that gets glossed over.  But goals are what gives a business a target to shoot for and a plan for the future.  

Today I talk about the reasons why so many struggle with goals, how to look at goals differently, and what you can do to not only set better goals but learn how to start crushing them!

If you listened to this episode you know that my NEW 8-Week Etsy Goal Challenge is now open!  It's only open until Monday, June 7th at 9 PM EST because I have to schedule the live coaching calls that go with the challenge.  The challenge will teach you how to set Etsy goals and the appropriate action items to meet and crush those goals in 8 weeks.  You'll also get a challenge workbook to help you track your progress.  Additionally, you'll get full access to the rest of the Handmade & Beyond Community which includes the help forum, live monthly coaching calls, and Etsy Success Roadmap course pack!  Get all this for a 30-day free trial.  Join us here:


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