3 Ways To Increase Etsy Revenue

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

Here are 3 simple, inexpensive ways to increase your Etsy revenue.  Watch the video for the detailed framework explaining how to implement these strategies in your business.  

  1. More listings - Each listing has its own keywords in its title and tags.  Each keyword is a chance for someone to see your item and buy.  The more listings you have the more visibility you'll get.  
  2. Bundle - Think of ways you can bundle similar items into one listing.  If someone buys the bundle it will instantly give you more revenue.  
  3. Coupon Codes - This is the end strategy to convert non-buyers into buyers.  Etsy allows you to send coupon codes to customers who favorite your items, add items to their cart and after their purchase.  Use this great marketing strategy to benefit you.  

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