Are you sure you want to give up now?

I hope you're leaving because you don't need the help and mentorship anymore.  That would be amazing!

If not, I would hate to see you give up.  You can have a successful Etsy & handmade business if you stay the course and continue to work at it.  I see many shop owners quit too soon.  

Hop back in the help forum and let me know that you're struggling.  I'd love to take another look at your shop and set up a plan for you.  Go there by clicking here, log in, and go to the help forum to submit a post request help.

Maybe you want to continue but just can't afford to do so.  I get it, starting a business is tough.  I can't stress enough how important it is to continue to invest in your business with knowledge and programs like this even when you're not making money yet.  It will keep you on track.  If money is super tight you can enroll in the quarterly membership for 50% off!  My MOST SUCCESSFUL members have been with me working at their business for months or even years.  They understand that it takes time to get things rolling, but once you do anything is possible!  Continue to get the help, guidance, and support you need.  Enroll by clicking here.

If you still want to leave I understand and hope to see you back again.  Don't forget why you started in the first place.  Maybe it was to be your own boss, extra money for that vacation, more freedom, etc.  

Thanks for being a part of Handmade & Beyond.  I'm sorry to see you go.

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