Etsy's Share & Save: Game-Changer or Overhyped?

Sep 12, 2023

Is Etsy's "Share & Save" Worth the Buzz?

The Etsy community is buzzing about Etsy’s latest offering, the "Share & Save" program. Promising benefits and potential savings, is this feature a genuine game-changer for sellers or just another marketing gimmick?

How "Share & Save" Works: Etsy is incentivizing its sellers to drive traffic to their shops. By participating in the program, you can earn back 4% on eligible sales, and the credits can be applied to purchases made within a 30-day window.

Where To Generate Links For Maximum Impact:

  1. Shop Links: Direct buyers to your entire collection by sharing the unique link found on your Shop Dashboard, Stats, or the specific Share & Save page.
  2. Listing Links: Showcase specific items, especially trending products or items on sale. Access these via Listings in Shop Manager, then simply click and share.
  3. Promo Codes: Share special offers and promotions with unique trackable links, saving on fees for eligible orders.
  4. Reviews: Nothing boosts sales like positive feedback. With the Etsy Seller app, you can share glowing reviews, directing potential buyers to your store.
  5. Shop Sections: Highlight particular categories or themes from your shop. Accessible via the Etsy Seller app, you can easily guide buyers to explore specific sections.

Note: All generated links should be formatted as:

The Bright Side - Pros:

  • Instant Cashback: The 4% refund is instantly credited to your payment account under "share and save refund."
  • Boost Performance: Sellers with a significant social media presence or best-selling items stand to benefit the most, leveraging their outreach for more sales.

The Flip Side - Cons:

  • Link Limitations: The benefits apply to the last link clicked before a sale. This means offsite ads might override your "Share & Save" link.
  • Efficacy: The ultimate question remains - will this strategy genuinely translate to increased sales and engagement?

In conclusion, while "Share & Save" presents an appealing proposition, its success depends on strategic use and individual sellers' outreach. As always, it's wise to experiment, measure the results, and adapt accordingly. Happy selling!